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Dr. Svetlana Pavlenko
October 16 2017
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2017-10-08 Edmonton Heritage Council What role do you see heritage playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton (and in your ward, if you are a councillor candidate)?

Preserving Edmonton’s heritage is essential to making Edmonton a vibrant city that celebrates its history. I personally, appreciate the diversity of our cultures because they all contribute to making Edmonton a great place to grow, play, eat and have fun. When I am elected to city council, I will encourage events and activities that will positively affect cultural development and heritage creation in Ward 5.


2017-10-07 Edmonton Heritage Council
Diverse community initiatives contribute to Edmonton’s heritage. Preserving and sharing the diversity of our heritage makes us stronger and ensures the continuity of our history. As Executive Director of the Jewish Senior Citizen’s Centre I have organized many heritage day celebrations, giving seniors from diverse cultural backgrounds the opportunity to share their stories, and to present their culture, customs, and cuisine to others. We have had Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Jewish, German, Kyrgyz and other culture days that brought many new members to our Centre. Each year, I also volunteer at the Heritage Days Festival, a wonderful three days celebration of cultures that unites people and makes their lives richer. 

Writing and cooking are two amazing ways to connect with other people and listen to their stories. I initiated the publication of an intergenerational cook book with the intention of preserving Jewish heritage by sharing a collection of traditional and modern recipes from all over the world.  This book offers a glimpse into a grandmother’s kitchen of the past, and is a great way to travel back in time and features many photos of events that took place in our Centre in previous years.

2017-10-06 Richard Do we as Edmonton Citizens deserve Clean Air at our transit centres ? YES OR NO ????

Yes, Edmontonians deserve clean air at all transit centres. In fact, the Alberta’s Tobacco Reduction Act and the City’s Public Places Bylaw are very clear about banning smoking in all public places and workplaces. Smokers who do not respect the rules are subject to costly penalties. This being said, I would favour a preventive approach, in close collaboration with peace officers, to ensure clean air in the public system.

Thank you for taking the time to send me a question. I always appreciate hearing Edmontonians’ concerns. If you want true change, make sure you vote on Oct. 16th

2017-10-05 Neil
What is your stance on the Jasper Avenue Project that the current city council has wasted time and money on? It’s a roadway not a sidewalk.

Jasper Avenue is a major road in downtown Edmonton that already experiences heavy traffic commutes. Taking space from the road blocks additional lanes of traffic and makes bus drivers suffer. Narrowing the road to one lane both ways in favour of dead trees in pots, Ping-Pong and picnic tables is a money wasting idea. I agree that we need to make Edmonton more walkable and we need more green space downtown but people have to drive to work every day and they deserve consideration and do not need to spend even more time on their daily commute. Urban planning is the key component in such decision-making! 

2017-10-04 Morris What are your thoughts on photo radar?

It is a fact that User Fees & Fines are the second largest revenue generator for the City of Edmonton budget (13.8%). How can the city plan its spending based on projected fines? What will be the next step if they receive less than expected? Will they put more radar in “grey areas” where people have to guess if it is 50 or 60 km per hour? We need to change the signal pattern in high collision zones, to plan for safer left turns, to develop better thought out traffic regulations, and to improve the overall condition of our roads. 

2017-10-03 Logan What would you consider to be suspicious activities in neighborhoods that you want to prevent?

The most important part of a safe neighbourhood is knowing your neighbours.  Examples of suspicious activities include people loitering, especially if they appear to be drunk, dangerous driving, bags or boxes left on the street, high traffic of people near a particular location, and so on.  I want to improve safety by creating more affordable opportunities for kids and youth to be busy with sport, art and other types of activities that will keep them busy and interested and prevent them from using their energy in the wrong way. I want to help people coming out of prison to find work and have the opportunity to start a new life and find their way in a new reality. I want to make sure that Edmonton’s strong non-profit sector will work more effectively to helpnewcomers to learn about Canadian democratic values, respect and volunteerism.



2017-09-29 Edmonton Journal Money talks: If elected, you will be voting on new four-year capital and operating budgets in 2018. Explain your budget priorities and thoughts on the current property tax rate. I consider the West LRT project as a project that will shape the future of West Edmonton for many years ahead. We must revisit the current proposed design to ensure that the upcoming construction will provide the best service for the most people and not have a negative impact on Ward 5 residents travelling in and out of the ward. We must approach with caution any increases in property taxes because it has a significant impact on all middle class households, and even more impact on those living on fixed incomes. It will be my priority to find additional sources of revenue for the city’s budget and ensure fairness for all taxpayers.
2017-09-29 Edmonton Journal Homelessness: To meet Edmonton’s goal to end homelessness, new sites for housing are key. How do you see your role in this? What will you do as a councillor to engage on the issue and determine the best sites?

The best sites for housing are areas where all services are already established and easily accessible. I will not support building houses for the homeless in newly developed areas where there is little or no public transport and there are none of the needed services available. Some research suggests that in addition to mental illness, addictions, and life transitions, homelessness can also be a personal choice. To better determine the need and purpose of where social housing should be located, I believe more due diligence needs to be done.    

2017-09-27 Edmonton Public Library What is your favourite book, movie or song right now?

One of my favourite movies is As Good as it Gets (1997). The main character is Melvin Udall (played by Jack Nicholson).

The movie reflects on many issues of our society. As Good as it Gets has a great sense of humour and encourages people to be kinder and more accepting.

2017-09-27 Edmonton Public Library Which fictional character do you most relate to and why?

I feel sometimes like Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) who was taken by a tornado and brought to a new magical and unfamiliar Land—Canada.

Contrary to Dorothy, I decided to make this new land my home and during my adaptation adventure I met many friends who have helped and supported me all these years.

While facilitating a women’s support group I realize that many suffer from self-doubt, fear of uncertainty and rejection; losses they encountered through the immigration process. I also learned that magic happens and we do change ourselves and the world around us when right people meet each other and collaborate to achieve common good.

2017-09-27 Edmonton Public Library What is one book you think everyone should read and why?

I think everyone should read The Call of the Wild by Jack London. 

This book is about the life and journey of self-discovery by Buck, a home-spoiled California dog, who was kidnapped and sold as a sled dog to gold hunters in the Klondike. Buck encountered transformative life experiences, found meaning for his life and became a leader.

2017-09-26 Edmonton Public Library What is your favourite library memory or experience?

When I was doing my MA (Leadership) with the University of Guelph, I received amazing support from the EPL staff. It was great to have my own space in the library where I was able to focus and have all my research needs met.

2017-09-22 Peter I see your signs and says doctor what are you doctor of? My academic qualifications include a degree in municipal management and government service, PhD in philosophy and sociology, and an MA in leadership from the University of Guelph, Ontario  
2017-09-22 Edmonton Journal Residential speed limits: A new big city charter allows Edmonton to change default speed limits. Would you vote yes on lowering residential speed limits to 30 kilometres an hour? Why or why not?

I would need to see more studies done before making my final decision. We need to be aware of the differences between collector roads and local roads. Before voting, it will be important to fully understand and comprehend the impact of a speed limit change on collector roads and how any changes will influence the city’s transportation system already running on these roads.


2017-09-08 Edmonton Public Library What role do you see EPL playing in a thriving and vibrant Edmonton? I strongly support F. Bacon idea that “Knowledge is Power”. EPL enhances this power through the variety of books, magazines, electronic recourses, programs and services it provides. I always admire the innovative approach EPL uses to address social and educational issues in Edmonton.
2017-05-19 Alexandr Do you have vision for the public transit system development in Ward 5?

The major route to get to Edmonton downtown from Ward 5 is 87 Avenue. The approved plan for the Southeast to West LRT line run along 87 Avenue. It will be very important to develop a plan to prevent interruption to the existing traffic flow and design the proper transit stations and crossings along the rout.

2017-05-19 Yuliya How will you support the development of local businesses?

I believe in supporting Edmonton entrepreneurs. In cooperation with local chambers of commerce, business associations and all levels of government we can develop better support for our local business owners. We need to encourage all level of government, corporations and Edmontonians to utilize local resources for their needs. It will be important to bring more world-class events to the city to support our economy.


2017-05-17 Lucy How you going to be different from other candidates?

I have an international research and management experience of working with many different ethno-cultural groups. I have established  strong collaborative relationships with Portuguese, Korean, Jewish, Ukranian, Serbian,  Kyrgyz, Russian, Philippino, Indigenous and many other wonderful cultures living in Edmonton. I see how we can all be together and build welcoming and caring community.

2017-05-16 Geoff Which political party do you represent in upcoming election?

I do not represent any political party. The municipal election is the only level of Canadian political process that is nonpartisan.  I will be guided by my values and beliefs and the input of Ward 5 residents to make decisions that are in the best the interest of.

2017-04-16 Jim You don’t live in Ward 5 why are you running for City Council in Ward 5? I live on the border between two wards. My house is situated 500 metres from the boarder of Ward 5. In Edmonton municipal history there are many examples when elected councillors didn’t live in their geographical ward but represented the people of these wards very well. There are no legal requirements to live in the ward you are running in too.

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