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Edmonton Ward 5
Dr. Svetlana Pavlenko
October 16 2017
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2017-05-19 Alexandr Do you have vision for the public transit system development in Ward 5?

The major route to get to Edmonton downtown from Ward 5 is 87 Avenue. The approved plan for the Southeast to West LRT line run along 87 Avenue. It will be very important to develop a plan to prevent interruption to the existing traffic flow and design the proper transit stations and crossings along the rout.

2017-05-19 Yuliya How will you support the development of local businesses?

I believe in supporting Edmonton entrepreneurs. In cooperation with local chambers of commerce, business associations and all levels of government we can develop better support for our local business owners. We need to encourage all level of government, corporations and Edmontonians to utilize local resources for their needs. It will be important to bring more world-class events to the city to support our economy.


2017-05-17 Lucy How you going to be different from other candidates?

I have an international research and management experience of working with many different ethno-cultural groups. I have established  strong collaborative relationships with Portuguese, Korean, Jewish, Ukranian, Serbian,  Kyrgyz, Russian, Philippino, Indigenous and many other wonderful cultures living in Edmonton. I see how we can all be together and build welcoming and caring community.

2017-05-16 Geoff Which political party do you represent in upcoming election?

I do not represent any political party. The municipal election is the only level of Canadian political process that is nonpartisan.  I will be guided by my values and beliefs and the input of Ward 5 residents to make decisions that are in the best the interest of.

2017-04-16 Jim You don’t live in Ward 5 why are you running for City Council in Ward 5? I live on the border between two wards. My house is situated 500 metres from the boarder of Ward 5. In Edmonton municipal history there are many examples when elected councillors didn’t live in their geographical ward but represented the people of these wards very well. There are no legal requirements to live in the ward you are running in too.

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