Livability of
Edmonton Ward 5
Dr. Svetlana Pavlenko
October 16 2017
My 5 Priorities:
Support Working Parents, Youth & Seniors                                                                                                            

Ward 5 has a diverse population. We’ve got multicultural working parents, youth and seniors. And yet there is no place in our ward that can bring us all together.

Over the last few years, the City has brought many initiatives to improve the downtown area, but  the West end has been forgotten.

Our ward needs a centre where working parents can drop off their children before going to work. A place where they can also exercise and socialize. A place that welcomes youth and seniors. Lewis Farms, at the border of Ward 5, was identified as one of the new areas where a Multipurpose Recreation Centre will be built. To this day, there is no plan to make it senior friendly.

According to the 2016 census: 43% of the combined population of Ward 5 & Ward 1 is 55+ years old. Therefore, it is essential for this new facility to be intergenerational and incorporate a seniors’ center within it.

This project is in its design phase which means that we need to act now.

Together we can make it happen!  

Build Safe & Inclusive Community

How many of you know about the Crime Mapping Tool with Edmonton Police Services? Check it out and become aware of the number of crimes that took place in your neighbourhood. In Ward 5, over  the last 60 days, there have been assaults, robberies, thefts from vehicles and other types of criminal activity, including domestic violence.

How many of you know your neighbours? Did you notice any suspicious activities in your neighbourhood? What did you do about it?
Crime prevention is everyone’s business. Don’t be a bystander, act!

Knowing your neighbourhood is the first step in doing something about crime prevention. By understanding what is going on, we can work together to reduce and prevent crimes.

I strongly believe that a preventative approach is the best and most economical way to build a safe and inclusive community.

Be with me. Vote.

Edmonton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and if we want this trend to continue, we need to think ahead and diversify our economy.

As your future councillor, I want to help Edmonton develop a sustainable local tourism industry. Tourism revitalizes and enriches communities. It connects people and helps them become comfortable with diversity, makes unfamiliar things familiar and broadens everyones' perspectives. 

Tourism brings more employment opportunities for local entrepreneurs, stimulates new economic activities, catalyzes infrastructure development and enriches the community through development of art & culture and better preservation of our heritage.  

Developing tourism is a great way to boost Edmonton’s economy which will benefit all of us, including local businesses and students in need of summer jobs. It will also enrich our communities and bring more opportunities. During my door-knocking in Ward 5, I met many young people who after graduation from college and university are unable to find employment in their field.

Are their skills, knowledge and practical experiences relevant to the local labour market? I strongly believe that we need to ensure dialogue between the educational system and labour market players in order to enable graduates to further develop their career opportunities.

Enhance Culture & Education

Educational opportunities, Art, culture and history are very important components of a progressive community that wants to build a better future. Year round, we have festivals, concerts, art exhibits and other cultural activities but they all take place downtown or on Whyte Ave.

Why don’t we create more art & culture experiences throughout the city, particularly in Ward 5?

We can do so by simply utilising the existing facilities (churches, synagogues, libraries, community leagues...) to bring more cultural events such as concerts, interactive exhibits, theatre performances, lectures, workshops and art coffee shops (such as the Carrot Community Arts Coffee House on 118 ave) to Ward 5.

Many of us earn enough to raise a family but do not have extra cash for extracurricular activities for our children. I want to create more opportunities to help working parents to expose their children to art and culture. And I want to work hand in hand with School trustees to develop, implement and promote extracurricular art & culture   programs through the Edmonton school system.

Revamp Infrastructure, Parks & Recreation

Did you know that only 13% of Edmontonians use the existing Edmonton Transit Services?

These services are heavily subsidized by the City and yet taxpayers do not have a reliable transportation system that can deliver them quickly and on time to their destinations.

Edmontonians deserve the safest and fastest route from the West End to downtown. A route that does not interfere with other types of transportation or create delays and frustration just like in the Belgravia and NAIT areas. Edmontonians also need more Park and Go infrastructures to resolve what is called the first mile/last mile problem.

By getting an underground LRT line, we will make our daily commute easier, and also increase the number of  Edmonton Transit riders. This strategy can help us to reduce City’s expenses.

Overall, an underground line will gives us better access to work, parks and recreation facilities, and it will make our transportation more convenient during the winter time. I believe that it is not too late to revisit the Valley Line West Project and make our Edmonton Transit Services more efficient and userfriendly.

Vote for me!

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